Homemade Salad Dressing Recipes

Homemade Salad DressingsA staple of any diet, low carb or otherwise, is salads. Sometimes you do find yourself feeling like that proverbial rabbit from noshing on all that lettuce and the only saving grace is all the salad dressing you can drench it in to mask the fact that you’re essentially eating roughage.

Once upon a time, back in the days when low fat diets were the law of the land, it was about finding the lowest fat versions of salad dressings. Fast forward a decade or two, and it’s now all about finding salad dressings with next to zero carbs. In this quest, we allow in a lot of unhealthy stuff in the form of vegetable and seed oils, sodium, and a laundry list of preservatives. That’s if you’re going the convenient route and purchasing bottled salad dressings.

A question that gets asked quite a bit in online low-carb groups is what are good salad dressings to use when eating low-carb. It’s important that they have as few carbs as possible to those asking these questions. Taste seems to often be a secondary concern.

When I see these types of questions it causes me to wonder if these people have ever considered making their own salad dressings. It’s a very simple matter to whip up a healthy and tasty salad dressing at home and most require only two basic ingredients: oil and vinegar.

The oil part can consist of EVOO, avocado oil, yogurt, or mayo. There are even more options for the acid portion of the dressing when you consider that there is more than one type of vinegar as well as lemon and lime juice.

The possibilities really begin to open up when it comes to the host of spices that can be incorporated into a dressing. And if you want REALLY simple then take a cue from the lead photo of this post and take a page from the Mediterranean Diet and pour EVOO and red wine vinegar directly from the bottles (or cruets if you’re being fancy). Sprinkle some dried oregano over it and voila!

In the video below I demonstrate how to make two very basic salad dressings: a basic balsamic vinaigrette and my interpretation of honey mustard with a low-carb twist. Enjoy!

Photo Credits (morguefile.com):

  • Oil and Vinegar cruets: deegolden